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One-day or two-day training course for executives. Download PDF.

"In the past you were what you owned. Now you are what you share," Charles Leadbeater

Do you know how to:

The personal publishing phenomenon has empowered customers to share information about your products and services online.

Your brand and reputation can take a severe bashing if you choose to ignore these sophisticated, social media-savvy customers.

Take a proactive approach and try to understand and participate in the conversations that matter online on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and blogs.

Our customized course is built to meet the particular challenges of CEOs, managers, department heads and company spokespersons in learning about the best practices in Social Media.

Target specific social media campaigns for your audience, brand advocates and constituents. Use new tools and apps to connect with prospects and generate leads on the web and on mobile platforms. Gain a deeper understanding of online engagement and reputation management.

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