Programmes : Media and Crisis Communications

Trinetizen Media
One-day training course for executives. Download PDF.

Do you know how to:
  • handle an ambush interview?
  • articulate key messages?
  • counter online rumours, gossip and lies?
  • answer queries from regulators?
  • prepare a holding statement?

In today’s digital age, a reputation that has taken years to build, can be destroyed in seconds. An incriminating video of a faulty product or corporate misdeed, can spread via social media or mobile networks like wildfire. The unwanted scrutiny can do serious damage to your reputation and stock value.

A proactive approach in formulating a crisis communications strategy is the key to ensuring your company's reputation stays intact.

Our customized course is built to meet the particular challenges of CEOs, managers, department heads and company spokespersons when facing the media.

Gain an insight how to tackle the tough interview. Prepare key messages that the media will use. Use the tools of new media to get your messages across effectively and consistently. Learn to formulate a long term strategy to manage an emergency or crisis situation. Confidently ensure you make every media encounter work.

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Download PDF.