Julian Matthews

Hi. I am a former journalist and trainer currently expressing myself in poetry, spoken word, short stories and creative non-fiction. I am based in Malaysia.

Quotes from poems:
"There really is no vaccine for the vanity of the vacuous
The entitled can't be immunized from herd mentality
The virus is in the feed, endemic among the weeds"

"Why can't you and I get along
On the only planet we live on"

"A marriage is a cathedral with only one entrance and two exit wounds."

Published work:


Poems: Clock and Punch-tuation, published in As Above So Below, UK, editor Bethany Rivers, Page 6 and 57, Issue 9, Sept 2022.
Poems: You are not a Meme, Vesper Flights and Crime Scene, published in Lothlorien Poetry Journal, UK, editor Strider Marcus Jones, July 4, 2022.
Poem: Face It, published in Men Matters Journal, Malaysia, editors Malachi Edwin Vethamani and Danton Remato, June, 2022.
List poem: 13 Ways To Write a Poem Like a Poet, published in Flights Journal, June 11, 2022.
Four Poems: The Search, Resurrection, Do The Math, Unlike Our Mothers, published in Live Encounters Poetry & Writing magazine, June, 2022. PDF
404, published in Verse-Virtual, June 1, 2022.
Poems: Other/Lain-lain and Punch-tuation, published in DPC Anthology 2021, May, 2022. PDF
The Poems We Write, published in Once Upon A Poem Anthology, Apr 2022, edited by Eileen Carole Boyce. PDF
Bad Rhymer, published in Lime Square Poets, Apr 15, 2022
Dogs of War, published in Jeusdi des Mots, Apr 5, 2022
Death Becomes Me, published in Spilling Cocoa, Apr 1, 2022
Crime Reporter, published in cc&d magazine, Scars Publication, and in print, April, 2022
Father, published in cc&d magazine, Scars Publication, and in print, April, 2022
How many ways can I prove to you I am not a robot, published in cc&d magazine, Scars Publication, and in print, April, 2022
If a rock on Mars cracks open and no one sees it, published in cc&d magazine, Scars Publication, and in print, March, 2022
Hope, published in The New Verse News, March 8, 2022
I Am Not An Xmas Tree, published in Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Jan 12, 2022
Falling Men, published in The American Journal of Poetry, Jan 1, 2022
Vaccinate Me and Daedalus' Quill, published in Wordsfest 2021 Quaranzine, Jan 1, 2022. PDF.
Delivered, published in The New Verse News, Dec 11, 2021
Falling, Benderaku/MyFlag, Eastern Mother and Scrabble, published in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Issue 22:4, Nov, 2021
Daedalus' Quill, published in Sparked Literary Magazine, October/Fall Issue, 2021
The Compass, published in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, Oct 15, 2021
Vege, published in Spilling Cocoa, Sept 3, 2021
Benderaku/My Flag, published in Borderless Journal, August, 2021
Parallel Lives, published in Second Chance Lit, Issue 2: In-flore
The Well, published in Nine Cloud Journal, Issue 2/PDF
Lockdown Letter To The Muse, published in Poor Yorick Literary Journal, The Poet's Mask, Special Issue, Western Connecticut State University. PDF.
Orange, published in Wordsfest Zine 2020, Page 5. PDF.
Two Poems: Lockdown Turns 21 and Corona, published in Poetry and Covid, a project funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, University of Plymouth, and Nottingham Trent University.
The Great Pause, published in Unmasked: Reflections on Virus-time, Anthology curated by Shamini Flint. PDF


He Did It His Way, published by F3ll Magazine, Oct, 2021 issue
The Day Michael Jackson Died, published by Borderless Journal, June, 2021 issue
Paper Trail, published by Borderless Journal, September, 2020 issue


The Last Hope, published by Kitaab, Apr 24, 2022, edited by Namrata Singh PDF.
Requiem For A Home, published by Pandemic Magazine, June 4, 2021.
No Greater Love, published by Wingless Dreamer,Writers of Tomorrow anthology, edited by Ruchi Acharya. PDF.

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