trinetizen mediaTrinetizen Media Sdn Bhd is an independent training and media consultancy firm.

We specialize in customized, in-house training workshops based on New Media, Social Media and Multimedia concepts.

Our intensive workshops offer hands-on access to the latest applications in effective media relations, investor relations, social media, online reputation management, spokesperson communications, multimedia marketing, online advertising, mobile marketing, social network marketing, digital photo editing, digital audio editing, digital video editing and multimedia production.

Our Human Resource Development Council-certified facilitators are the trainers who train reporters, editors and photojournalists to transition from being print-centric to being multimedia-savvy.

Our broad experience covers journalism, public relations, media relations, multimedia production, online marketing and online advertising.

We conduct workshops on effective media and investor relations, crisis communications and online reputation management, media strategy and planning, media spokesperson and media interview preparation.

We also produce news and feature stories for websites, newspapers and magazines worldwide. We continue to write and place media stories for clients and are consultants to companies on how to get better publicity for their brand, products and services in the press and online media.

Contact: Anita Devasahayam, project director or Julian Matthews, director at +6012-915-9528, trinetizen@gmail.com, LinkedIn